Education and cooperation

KASPER GROUP Companies intensely work on the development of their employee team in the following key areas such as:

  • Language teaching (English and German)
  • Design software operation development
  • Employee development in the areas of modern production technologies, such as welding, laser cutting, CNC edge bending etc.
  • Sales and purchasing skills
  • Managerial skills development

Other training is organized individually, according to the requirements of the individual departments. 
The employee development system provides for further employee skill improvement in the fields that may help them in their day-to-day work and that may contribute to their professional growth within the Company management structure.

Employee training system

Close cooperates with regional educational institutions is an important part in the development of the GROUP Companies. Vocational school and college students have the possibility to perform their practical training in the Company and therefore gain practical experience that may influence their future career orientation. Modern facilities and production technologies of KASPER GROUP can offer them a significant support and a guideline for their future career development.

Local schools may also organize school excursions into the production facilities of all Companies.