Welcome to the website of the KASPER Group, comprising construction and engineering industry companies. 

The aim of this presentation is to introduce its subjects and provide a comprehensive overview of our business in terms of economic indicators, employment, the influence of the companies on the environment, and last but not least the influence on the cultural and social life in the region.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your enquiries.

Ing. Rudolf Kasper

Introductory word

The aim of our group is s satisfied customer, satisfied employees, and to minimize our impact on the environment. All companies set up appropriate mechanisms to achieve these goals, in particular a quality management system, including the environmental management system and the customer satisfaction monitoring system. In addition, internal employee satisfaction surveys are repeatedly carried out and appropriate organizational measures are then outlined.

An important element of our entire organization is a continuous improvement system, which is the engine of continuous improvement of production and management processes.

An essential element is also our economic results with clearly set out parameters within individual companies of the Group. A common feature for these indicators is a constant pressure to increase the efficiency and the productivity of our activities so as to achieve long-term perspective of all our businesses in the horizon of the next few generations.